Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We're Moving on Up!

Meet Eric Petersen, campaign manager and Angela Goins, campaign scheduler and volunteer coordinator! These pictures were taken in our new campaign headquarters between downtown Minneapolis and Loring Park. We have storefront offices in the 14th Street Place office building - located at 9 W. 14th Street, Minneapolis (between LaSalle and Nicollet on 14th Street).

After raising the first $50,000 for the campaign (an unprecedented amount for an Independence Party candidate this early on in the race), we bumped up to the major leagues with a great campaign HQ downtown.

Things may look a little sparse now, but that's life on a campaign! We are getting a bunch of office furniture donated (if you have any office furniture or supplies - check out the website at, click on the "Get Active" tab for a list of things we need).

By next Thursday July 27th, the grand opening of the campaign headquarters, things will be looking good!

Please come join us for the event, starting at 5:55 p.m. We will be showing off the new space; tap a couple of kegs of homebrewed beer served up in 5.5 ounce glasses to celebrate our fundraising accomplishments so far and thank volunteers for their help; have more than 55 silent auction items to bid on; and offer a sneak preview of the first 5 campaign commercials.

Get the theme? All the 5's are obviously because I'm running for Congress in the 5th Congressional district!

Yes, it's a different kind of campaign -- but if you're reading this blog, you already knew that.

Stay tuned - and please stop by for a beer (and some bidding)next Thursday!



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